about me



Erich Lehna, guitarist, music producer, media artist, sound-engineer, media-designer.
Traveler between worlds. In music and on earth.
Born in the 60 's as a child of rock and jazz he started as a guitarist in a Punk-Rock Band. His musical journey developed very fast. He studied classical music and Jazz for a while and played improvised music.
His travels brought him close to musicians from around the world. He lived in many countries and played the music of many cultures with local musicians as soloist and in band projects.
From middle east till the highlands of Scotland, from flamenco in Andalusia till celtic melodies from Breton, from Indian raga till African grooves. All this influences became a part of his playing and his electronic music productions.

As a live performing artist he developed a unique style of a guitar based world fusion.
His versatility and virtuosity inspire the listener and his emotional play touches the heart. His live performance is a musical journey and takes the listeners to distant places around the world.
...and he still has sand in his shoes from his last walk in the desert.


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