If you want to book me for a concert mail me at:
or simple give me call: +49 202 738 9669.
Basically i offer three different program styles:

Music for meditation

In my "Gates of silence" program a play a contemplative and relaxing guitar style.
Im using mellow synthesizer sounds as background and play a soft and emotional guitar to create an quiet atmosphere where everyone can deeply relax.
The program can be adjusted to the needs of the organizer and particularly event.

Music for contact jam, contemplative dance, Yoga etc.

This music its not only to accompany a contact jam. It's as well very good for relaxation, yoga or an event where you need a mellow background.
For dance events i don't play a fix program. i follow the flow of the dancers and try to interact with the feeling of the moment.

You can buy this music on Bandcamp to use it for your events or productions ☞ Erich Lehna on Bandcamp

Moving all over the world

I play tracks from my world music program.
From my travels around the world i brought music and inspirations from Andalusia till India. From the celtic sailors to the dessert nomads
With concert and steel string guitars plus looper i creat a unique and diverse music space.
Depending to the event and budget i come with a percussionist and a didgeridoo player.