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erich lehna

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Garden of Flowers

In early 2023 I was in Goa. An organizer friend of mine came to me and asked me if I would be interested in making the music for a poetry event. I was supposed to improvise short pieces of music between the speakers.
So I just improvised whatever came to my mind that I felt somehow suited the last speaker and his poetry. The result is this album. 18 shorties of improvised guitar music.

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VOYAGER - a travel through space and time

This album is an compilation of guitar tracks recorded life at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. The music is completely improvised just out of the moment. It's only acoustic guitar, looper and guitar-synthesizer. No cuts or overdubs. But a lot of effects...
So relax and enjoy the journey between the stars, nebulas, empty space and galaxies.

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Sound Healing Journey

Himalayan Duet by Erich Lehna ॐ Mira Arad.
Im happy to announce the release of the album FULL MOON RISING 2121. Its a duet between Guitar and my dear friend Mira playing full-moon singing bowls. The album was recorded around the Full Moon of January and February in a local studio in Goa (Arambol and Kerim villages).

drifting - on track from the album Voyager


From the album soul food -> check it on Bandcamp SOUL FOOD


The track "memories" from the project "gates of silence" - guitar music for relaxation, meditation and contemplation.

Animation by Erich Lehna

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Music for the Stars is live recorded at a contact jam guided by Vega Luukkonen in Arambol/Goa at place called Source. When i was playing it i was sitting under a huge Banyan tree and i could see the stars when i looked up. I belief that this is where we come from. So i cooled it "music for the stars".
This music its not only to accompany a contact jam. Its as well for relaxation, yoga or simply to chill out.

Listen on Bandcamp ☞ Music for the Stars

guitar journeys

Traveling is a significant part of my live. Guitar Journeys is a compilation of several guitar tracks witch are recorded the last years at different places around the world. Some are just recorded live and some in a studio situation.
My roots is the acoustic guitar. Direct and emotional. No way to hide or to cover mistakes. But a strong power to touch and to heal.

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gates of silence

Gates of silence its a compilation of music for relaxation, meditation and contemplation.
This music is not made to entertain you. Its created to accompany you through a mediation or a yoga session or just let you relax and dreaming away from your daily live.
I added one bonus track named Clouds. The bonus track is played live from Erich Lehna and Davide Swarup in Goa for a yoga group.
So listen, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

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fruit of live

Erich Lehna and Davide Swarup met in March 2016.
This is the recording of the first time that they played together.

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Wiegenlid- Hush baby

Sounds of an exhibition. Live in Kiev
Paintings: Alina Gaieva, Les Panchyshyn
Erich Lehna - Guit, Denis Shvets - Drums

With Gregorio Zucchinali Didge and Djembe at Oetres nightmarket/Cambodia

With Barney Barnedson on cajon