Erich Lehna aka Rico Rose

guitarist, music producer, media artist, sound-engineer, media-designer

erich lehna

☞ lehna
✈ traveller between worlds
☯ on earth and in music
ༀ my home is where the music is
♪ music is the key, music is the best
❤ all about love...



The track "memories" from the project "gates of silence" - guitar music for relaxation, meditation and contemplation.

Animation by Erich Lehna

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Music for the Stars is live recorded at a contact jam guided by Vega Luukkonen in Arambol/Goa at place called Source. When i was playing it i was sitting under a huge Banyan tree and i could see the stars when i looked up. I belief that this is where we come from. So i cooled it "music for the stars".
This music its not only to accompany a contact jam. Its as well for relaxation, yoga or simply to chill out.

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This track is decided to dedicate it to all of us.
I think we all need someone who would do some crazy things to show us how important we are ;-)

cosmic glue

During a heavy migraine attack i created this short ambient track. The whole day i was laying in my bed and could not really move neither i could sleep. But i had my computer and i created this track. Kind of Migraine music... ;-) -


mirrow i am

Mirror i am is based on an ancient tibetan text translated by Situ Rinpoche. It is a part of a larger project about old tibetan texts translated in english and embedded in modern music.

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follow your heart

Follow your Heart is a guitar track i wrote many years ago while traveling in Europa.
In Goa i met a beautiful singer Clara Peyrat and we did this recording session together.

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well travelled

guitar journeys

Traveling is a significant part of my live. Guitar Journeys is a compilation of several guitar tracks witch are recorded the last years at different places around the world. Some are just recorded live and some in a studio situation.
My roots is the acoustic guitar. Direct and emotional. No way to hide or to cover mistakes. But a strong power to touch and to heal.

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gates of silence

Gates of silence its a compilation of music for relaxation, meditation and contemplation.
This music is not made to entertain you. Its created to accompany you through a mediation or a yoga session or just let you relax and dreaming away from your daily live.
I added one bonus track named Clouds. The bonus track is played live from Erich Lehna and Davide Swarup in Goa for a yoga group.
So listen, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

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fruit of live

Erich Lehna and Davide Swarup met in March 2016.
This is the recording of the first time that they played together.

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☞ Maxi CD release

Hot kisses is a case study. A project out of my "normal" activities as guitar player.
It cross borders and mix electronic, drum and bass and song styles to an unique sound and music experience.
Its a journey witch covers more than 4 years of developing sounds, riffs and beats. And its for sure about love...

hot kisses - lehna


Lehna - Swarup playing Magic Park

Erich, Kate & Olga - 2016 Arambol beach concert cuts

Sounds of an exhibition. Kiev 2015
Paintings: Alina Gaieva, Les Panchyshyn
Music: Erich Lehna-Guit, Denis Shvets-Drums

With Gregorio Zucchinali Didge and Djembe at Oetres nightmarket/Cambodia

With Barney Barnedson on cajon

Lehna trio live in Kiev 2015 with Erich Lehna - guitar and programming
Egor Gavrilenko - bass and elecronics
Roman Gumenyuk - drums