Meditation is a key to inner peace and a happier life.
I always loved to creat music for meditation, yoga or relaxation and dream travel. During the meditaion sessions it comes to the moment when you as a musician listen to yourself and just let "IT" play. I love that.


Music for the Stars is live recorded at a contact jam guided by Vega Luukkonen in Arambol/Goa at place called Source. When i was playing it i was sitting under a huge Banyan tree and i could see the stars when i looked up. I belief that this is where we come from. So i cooled it "music for the stars".
This music its not only to accompany a contact jam. Its as well for relaxation, yoga or simply to chill out.

Listen on Bandcamp ☞ Music for the Stars

gates of silence

Gates of silence its a compilation of music for relaxation, meditation and contemplation.
This music is not made to entertain you. Its created to accompany you through a mediation or a yoga session or just let you relax and dreaming away from your daily live.
I added one bonus track named Clouds. The bonus track is played live from Erich Lehna and Davide Swarup in Goa for a yoga group.
So listen, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

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Gate of silence.
Recorded live at a yoga workshop 2017 at Chisinau/Moldavia.


Erich Lehna and Davide Swarup present there new live recorded album CONTACT. Music for contact improvisation and active meditations.