Runes - Music inspired by the energy of the runes

Runes, one of the oldest myth in the world.
My friend Mario and me were pretty surprised when Prem Letizia asked us if we could imagine to play music for runes.
Letizia is spiritual teacher and creator of the "zen runes dance" concept.
We loved this idea and the challenge, so we three met in Goa/India in my little studio for a meditative recording session on runes. Letizia guided us into the vibes of each rune and Mario and me improvised out of the moment.
We all were surprised from this energetic power and from the music and feelings which appeared. The result are 22 short music clips inspired by the energy of runes.
It is for sure a very personally interpretation. A snapshot of a cosmic runes moment. Some tracks are wild some are sweet or sounding like folk or classical music, not at all following a "typical" spiritual music concept.
All tracks are raw, live played without any overdubs or rerecorded to keep this spirit of a magical runes moment.

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Prem Letizia: