East meets west - or an old dream comes true!
During my travels in India I met many Indian musicians. Among others Vinod Prassana (flute) (->(Vinod on myspace), Nirmal Goswami (tabla), the singer Prabhjot Singh Prabhu and the incredible Didge virtuoso Bhollu. Spontaneous sessions resulted in projects and friendships that have existed for years and continents.
After numerous appearances in India in different occupations, two projects have emerged. ACOUSTICTRANCE with the Didge player Bhollu and the band THE BEGINNING with the Suffi singer Prabhu.

the beginning

this is a live recording from one of my first sessions with indian musicians. The singer is Prabhu.

live jam at bhagsu/dharamshala

the acoustic trance - sahara - live in dharamsha/india

☛ Also on Bandcamp. The soundtrack Hanuman airlines fly over Everest


The soundtrack for a movie about two nepali man who did a tandem paragliding jump from the summit of the mount Everest.

☛ Watch the full movie on youtube